Digital Video Screen Video Commercial

1280x640 pixels

Video should be broadcast quality

The Oklahoman works with most video formats, but prefers QuickTime or MP4 files in HD formats (1080 or 720). Please send video at least two days before your “go live” date to allow the video and advertising teams to coordinate to present your material in a professional manner.

1280x720 or 1920x1080 spots formatted for TV are acceptable and work well for graphics. Note the bottom and top 5% or “TV safe” area will NOT be displayed.

Low quality, highly compressed or standard definition 480i video will not be accepted.

Audio is allowed, but spots should not be audio-dependent. The speaker coverage area will be for the sidewalk below the signage. Drivers in cars and pedestrians on the other three corners will not hear any audio.

Music and voice over are acceptable, but should be supported by on-screen graphics.

Upload files to our FTP server. No countdown or slate is needed.

FTP server:
username: anonymous
no password

Upload files to the ADVERTISING folder. Email and your advertising executive to inform them you have uploaded. Include uploaded file name.

Download Digital Signage Fulfillment Guide