Floating Ad/Interstitial

Floating Ad:
352,500 pixels maximum total after multiplying the width with the height
200k or less (.jpg, .gif, .png, HTML5).

50x320 pixels
50k (.jpg, .gif, .png) – NO ANIMATION.

HiDPI Options (Tab only):
150%: 75x480 pixels*
200%: 100x640 pixels*

All ads must adhere to these requirements (click here).

  • This is not a post-it note ad.
  • This unit unloads from the screen after 15 seconds.
  • Ad unit must include a close button.

There are two types of floating ads:
Static Image: an image file (.jpg, .png, .gif) that meets the spec requirements listed above. Animated .gif files are accepted, as long as they run for only 15 seconds or less and/or do not loop for more than 15 seconds.
HTML5 Animation: This is an ad built in HTML5 that may include interactive elements as well as embedded video; animations using text, graphics or photographs.

*If you have an existing 320x50 just rotate it 90 degrees and send it to us for use as the leavebehind tab.

View a Floating Ad Example