Sliding Billboard/Pushdown: 940x30 > 940x300

200k (.jpg, .gif, .png, HTML5)
1MB support files, main file must include a polite load function. We no longer accept Flash files. Flash ads built by third parties must be submitted via ad tags.

If using TOMC’s template (by submitting static ads), please be aware that the collapsed portion has no exit hot spot, it only clicks through to the expansion. It is recommended that the collapsed art contain a call to action similar to “click to expand,” and a second 940x30 should be submitted for the backup image with a call-to-action included such as, “click for more information.”

Any HTML5 versions submitted must be sent 3 business days before its run date so that it can be tested with our ad server beforehand.

All ads must adhere to these requirements (click here).

  • Animation: 15 seconds max, with up to 30 seconds looping

  • Expansion: Auto-expands once every 4 hours; expansion is set at 15 seconds.

  • Close button: Expanded portion MUST include a close button incorporated in submitted artwork
  • Video: playback must be user-initiated

  • Sound: must be user-initiated