Wallpaper: two 160x600 pixels files – one for the left and right side of the wallpaper, respectively

100k each, static (.jpg, .gif, .png)
No animation.

160x600 HiDPI Options:
150%: 240x900 pixels
200%: 320x1200 pixels

Options for other takeover units:
This unit has many available options. Starting with the wallpaper as the base ad, you can mix and match other ad sizes (if available) to complete your takeover. Static placement ads available are the 300x250, 728x90, and 300x600; premium ad placements (can only run one of these at a time) available are the post-it/square popup, floating ad, sliding billboard/pushdown, billboard, expanding medium rectangle, and expanding leaderboard. Click on the ad units listed above for specs.

All ads must adhere to these requirements (click here).

It is highly recommended that the wallpaper be used as a visual element that ties your other ads together, rather than treating it as regular ad space.


View a Takeover Example