Animation – NewsOK restricts all animation, even subtle movement, to a limit of 15 seconds. Animation may loop for up to 30 seconds.

Audio – Audio must be user-initiated.

Borders – Ads must clearly be differentiated from page content through either a defined linear or graphical border, a solid contrasting background color, or a combination of border and contrasting background. An 1px border in #CCCCCC or #666666 is preferred. Ads submitted without appropriate borders will have a border added by The Oklahoma Media Company. There may be a loss of quality when the ad is re-saved, due to re-compressing graphics that have already been optimized to meet the file weight specifications.

File Types – NewsOK accepts the following file types for finalized ads: .jpg, .png, .gif, html 5, and ad tags. Working files may be sent in file formats of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 or lower, and Microsoft Office. If sending a CS 5.5 working file, please be sure to include the fonts, or convert the fonts to paths. The Oklahoma Media Company no longer accepts Flash files, as our ad serving platform is phasing out support for that format.

File Weights – Our file weight requirements are in place to keep the bandwidth usage of our users as low as possible, and to ensure our pages load quickly. If an ad or ads are submitted above the required file weights, The Oklahoma Media Company will re-save the ads to meet these requirements. Re-saving digital ads will likely cause further quality loss. It is always better to compress once from the original working file. Please make every effort to follow our file weight requirements. This ad kit includes file prep instructions to meet file size requirements located here. If you are having issues reaching these limits, we recommend you send us your working files so we can save the ads at the correct requirements while keeping content as crisp as possible. We can provide a proof once this is done. Working files should be sent to

Flash Advertising – Flash ads not sent as 3rd party tags must follow the file prep instructions.

InDesign – If you build your ads with Adobe InDesign (or other page layout program), we ask that you open your completed ads in Photoshop or other photo-editing app to confirm that the ad dimensions are correct.

NewsOK Brand Guidelines – Use of the NewsOK name, logo or other brand features without prior approval is not permitted. Ads cannot mimic or resemble NewsOK graphics, text or other aspects of NewsOK’s “look- and-feel”.

Pop-Up Window Advertising – Pop-up window advertising is not permitted. The browser back button must work from the landing page.

For technical questions, please contact:

Otherwise, contact your sales representative.