Flash Creatives & HTML5 Conversion (Swiffy)

Flash Policy

Due to an upcoming policy change with our ad serving vendor DoubleClick, The Oklahoman Media Company no longer accepts Flash files. Vendors wishing to submit Flash ads must send them in the ad tag format. On July 1st, 2017, TOMC will no longer accept ANY Flash ads in ANY format, as DFP will no longer receive or serve Flash files from that date forward. It is recommended that you build your ads in the HTML5 format. For existing Flash ads, you might have success converting it to HTML5 using Swiffy (see below).

Swiffy Conversion

Google offers a Flash conversion tool called Swiffy as well as a Flash extension. This tool may be able to convert your Flash creative into a useable HTML5 ad. There are some caveats.

1. Swiffy creates very large files, as it converts all content into a single, self-contained HTML5 file. Your converted file must still meet our file weight requirements.
2. Some Flash features, or effects created with 3rd party Flash plugins, cannot be converted to HTML5
3. Videos with transparent backgrounds will not display the transparent background, as HTML5 cannot display video with an alpha channel.
4. The converted file likely would not be able to access support files, such as an XML file used to pull in lists or other data.

If you choose to use the Swiffy tool or extension, we ask that you follow these steps:

Using the Swiffy online tool

1. Convert any non web-safe fonts to paths
2. Upload your .swf file to the online tool and convert it.
3. When displayed, click the “VIEW CONVERSION” button.
4. In the resulting new browser window, check your new ad conversion and ensure the animations perform as expected.
5. If the new ad works correctly, right-click anywhere in the window OUTSIDE of the ad itself and choose “View Page Source.”
6. In the resulting new browser window, copy all the visible code.
7. Paste this code into a new, blank HTML file in your preferred HTML editor or text editor.
8. Save this file and send it as your ad creative to The Oklahoman Media Company

Using the Swiffy Flash extension

1. Convert any non web-safe fonts to paths
2. In the Commands menu, choose “Export as HTML5”
3. The plug-in will open your html or text editor and display the resulting code in a new file window.
4. If your editor offers a preview pane, check to ensure your animation works correctly. Otherwise, you may have to test this file in a web browser.
5. If the new ad works correctly, save this file with the suffix extension of .html and send it as your ad creative to The Oklahoman Media Company

IMPORTANT — Please do not make editing changes to the HTML post-conversion. This will likely make the ad unsuitable to upload to our ad server. As there may be issues with the conversion and our ad server, please be sure and send any ad conversions at least one full working day before the ad is set to run.