Saving Static Images For The Web Using Photoshop

The following screenshots are taken from Photoshop CS5.5 for Macintosh; your screen may look different depending on your operating system and version of Photoshop. If you use software other than Photoshop as your image editor, please refer to your user manual for instructions on how to save images for use on the web.

Step 1
Step 1: Making sure your ad is in RGB and not CMYK, go to the File menu in Photoshop and select “Save for Web & Devices…”
Step 2
Step 2: A new dialog box will open in Photoshop. Along the right edge of this window, select the JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. You may need to experiment with all three file types to find out which format will look best at the required file size. To the right of the Presets dropdown menu, you’ll find a small square button with a downward-pointing arrow in it. Clicking this will open a menu. In this menu, select “Optimize to File Size…”
Step 3
Step 3: This will open a third, smaller, dialog box. Make sure the file size is set to the correct file weight for your particular ad and click “OK”.
Step 4
Step 4: You will now be back in the dialog box from Step 2. Click “Save” (third button from the right along the bottom of the dialog box), and the program will ask you where you would like to save it. Once it saves the file, it will close the window and go back to Photoshop.